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About Hakuba

About Hakuba

Hakuba (白馬村 Hakuba-mura) is a village located in the Northern Alps of Nagano Prefecture, about one hour away from Nagano City,  and is one of Japan’s most popular summer and winter mountain areas with a choice of 11 resorts to choose from.

Hakuba became a world-renowned destination after hosting several of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, but it is also a prime outdoor destination for Japanese and international tourists.

The village of Hakuba has a very strong traditional Japanese feel, but also offers many services in English and Chinese, catering to a large number of non-Japanese tourists.

The Spring Summer and Fall in Hakuba offer a wide array of activities, including world class hiking, lift accessed mountain biking, cycling, trail running and even white water rafting.  At the South end of the valley in Omachi City the three lakes Aokiko, Nakatsunako and Kizakiko offer a variety of water activities, paddle boarding, wake-boarding and camping.

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As an international destination, Hakuba offers easy access with bullet trains from Tokyo to Nagano and a short bus trip to Hakuba and a multitude of busing and private taxi options direct from both Narita and Haneda airports.

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