Top 5 Spots For Cherry Blossom Photos in Hakuba

Japan’s Cherry Blossoms are on every dedicated traveller’s bucket list and Hakuba has the goods! For anyone looking to add that epic cherry blossom photo to their Instagram, Hakuba should be on your must-visit list.  With beautiful mountains as a backdrop and outdoor activities to boot, you can’t go wrong heading to Hakuba for your next cherry blossom snap.  Without further Ado here are our top 5 Cherry Blossom Photo Spots in Hakuba.


May 1st, 2020 | by Mike Humphrey

  1. Hase-ji weeping cherry tree – 長谷寺の枝垂桜

    This is a beautiful weeping cherry blossom tree found in Iimori.  At the South end of Hakuba this a quaint little shrine offers an opportunity for a pic of these splendid bowing branches with a waterfall effect that looks spectacular in any photo.
    choukokuji cherry blossoms

  2. Iwatake Shinden Shrine – 伝行山の徹然桜
    This beautiful little shrine located on the very North end of Hakuba offers a multitude of great photo opportunities.  A short 5 minute hike to the top of the hill offers beautiful views of shinden with it’s traditional ryokan and historic feel.  Photo spots abound with shots from both the bottom and the top of the hill and opportunities to capture the mountains in the background for those willing to be a little creative with their framing.  Make sure to add this to your itinerary while you are in Hakuba.
    Shinden Shrine Cherry Blossoms
  3. Shinden – 新田
    After heading to the Shinden Shrine be sure to take a short walk across the road into the heart of Shinden.  The road here offers a beautiful view of traditional Hakuba.  Family owned ryokan’s line the street and the charm of Japan won’t disappoint.  As you walk down the road make sure to stop at Shouya Maruhachi for a Japanese dining experience or head to Hakuba Ham and Deli for locally produced meats and hand made bread.
    Shinden Road Sakura
  4. Oide Park
    Located on the opposite side of the valley from the ski resorts Oide Park offers spectacular views of the Hakuba Valley and the mountain peaks.  Known by local photographers as a great spot for sunset photos, Oide Park is one of our top picks for cherry blossom photos in Hakuba.  With the backdrop of the mountains how can you go wrong.  Be sure to bring along rice balls and green tea for a traditional Japan Hanami experience.  If picnics aren’t your thing take a short walk across the bridge and enjoy a delicious sandwich at kappa tei restaurant.
    oide park cherry blossoms
  5. Nohira Cherry Blossom Tree – 野平の一本桜
    Our top pick is a favorite with Japanese photographers.  This famous tree is in the perfect spot to catch that quintessential Cherry Blossom photo with the Hakuba mountain range in the background.  Be prepared though, this spot is popular and many photographers get up extra early to catch the perfect lighting.

Something about cherry blossoms in Japan strikes the heart with their fleeting beauty. Have you been to Hakuba during cherry blossom season? Where are your favorite cherry blossom photo spots? Let us know in the comments below.

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