つがいけなつまつり 8/31(土)in Earthmans Tsugaike

date_range August 31 access_time 4:00PM - 9:00PM place リゾートホテル栂池

8月1日よりアースマンズツガイケの屋上にて期間限定でオープンしていた『猿楽スターライトビアガーデン』 が8月31日をもって終了いたします。


Enjoy the last “Natsumatsuri” of the year at Tsugaike!

Our rooftop beer garden closes this end of August and we’ve decided to say goodbye with a big Japanese-style summer festival!
In this event, we will open our forest garden doors to everyone and will celebrate the magic of summer in the mountains with drinks and fireplaces.

For the youngest ones, we plan to to hold an animation movie festival, open our popular “Goemon-buro” and sell bubble tea, rainbow cotton candy and more sweets.

Everyone is invited to come and join us!

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