白馬八方尾根 Spring Festival 2019

date_range April 07 access_time 9:00AM - 2:00PM place 白馬八方尾根 Hakuba Happo-One

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【日程】 平成31年4月7日(日)

【会場】うさぎ平テラス デッキ

09:00 関係者集合(兎平テラス) 会場準備
10:00 抽選券配布
11:00 渡部暁斗さん、上村愛子さんトークショー・抽選会
12:00 豚汁振舞(スプリングフェスティバル)
13:30 じゃんけん大会
14:00 イベント終了

集客予定数    500名
HP → http://www.happo-one.jp/news/12394.html

☆SPRING FESTIVAL Sunday 7th April 2019.

Where: Usagidaira Terrace Deck starts at 9:00am to 14:00pm
Where: Usagidaira Terrace Deck
Contents: Special Olympic guests Uemura Aiko & Watabe Akito (Nordic Combined World Cup silver medalist) will join us for the annual talk show & rock, paper, scissors competition & lucky draw prize.

Time Schedule:
09:00 OPENING of the event
10:00 Hand out raffle tickets for the lucky prize
11:00 Talk show & presentation to Uemura Aiko & Nordic
Combined World Cup silver medalist Watabe Akito
12:00 Spring Festival special hot pot pork & miso soup
13:30 Rock, Paper & Scissors competition
14:00 Event CLOSES

Guests expected approximately 500 on the day.

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