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Evergreen International Ski School is the oldest and largest English speaking ski school in Hakuba.  With ski school offices located at 八方尾根, Iwatake, 栂池高原   Cortina Evergreen have a lot to offer.  Evergreen also have daycare facilities available at some of their locations.

Lesson Types – Group Lessons & Private Lessons

Languages – English, Chinese.  Other languages may be available upon request.

place 八方尾根・岩岳・栂池・コルチナ
Hakuba 47 Logo

Hakuba47 Ski Academy

Hakuba47 Ski Academy is located at the base of Hakuba47 Ski Resort and offers both group and private ski and snowboard lessons.  Lessons can be provided from ages 4 and up and for all ability levels.  As well as regular ski and snowboard lessons Hakuba47 Ski Academy can show you around the amazing tree riding terrain that is available in the resort and will help you develop your tree-riding techniques.

レッスン - Group Lessons & Private Lessons

言語 - 英語 (リクエストにより他言語でのレッスンも可)

place Hakuba47
Hakuba Ski Concierge logo

Hakuba Ski Concierge

Hakuba Ski Concierge is a small boutique ski school that only offers private lessons.  If you are looking for a full service from being picked up and taken to the resort of your choice and then changing resorts throughout the day then Hakuba Ski Concierge may be what you need.  These guys specialise in tailoring to your needs.

レッスン - Private Lessons

言語 - English

place 白馬47
Hakuba snow sports logo

Hakuba Snow Sports School

Hakuba Snow Sports School is located at Iimori Ski Resort where they offer both adult and child group ski and snowboard lessons at 10.30am-12.30pm, 1.30pm-3.30pm or full-day programs from 10.30am-3.30pm.  The group lessons range from first-timers through to advanced.  As well as group lessons Hakuba Snow Sports School offer a wide range of private lessons from 2 hours which are only available at Iimori through to full-day lessons (6 hours) that can be taken at most resorts within the Hakuba Valley.

レッスン - Group Lessons & Private Lessons

言語 - 英語 (リクエストにより他言語でのレッスンも可)

place 飯森(グループレッスン)その他(プライベート)
Happo One Ski School Logo

Happo One Ski and Snowboard School

Happo One Ski and Snowboard School have been operating since 1949 and predominantly offer Japanese lessons however English private ski and snowboard lessons are available upon request.  All lessons are carried out on   and are available as 2-hour or 4-hour lessons only.

レッスン - Group Lessons (Japanese) & Private Lessons (Japanese & English)

言語 - Japanese, English

place 八方尾根
Frontier ski and snowboard school

Frontier Ski & Snowboard School

Frontier Hakuba is a ski and snowboarding school at Norikura Onsen Ski Resort.  They are a small boutique ski school who have great instructors who can help you learn and improve your enjoyment on the snow.

レッスン - Group Lessons & Private Lessons

言語 - English, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish.

place 乗鞍スキー場
Evergreen Alpine Academy Logo

Evergreen Alpine Academy

Evergreen Alpine Academy offers ski and snowboard lessons for those who are looking to try out freeriding.  The lessons are for intermediate to advanced riders who are looking at developing their skills to allow them to ride more comfortably in freeride conditions.  You will learn the basics about avalanche rescue equipment and also receive coaching to improve your skiing or snowboarding to allow you to ride more challenging terrain.

レッスン - Group and Private lessons

言語 - English, Chinese.  Other languages may be available upon request.

place 栂池高原
snowdragon ski school logo

Hakuba Snow Dragon

Hakuba Snow Dragon are a ski school dedicated to Chinese speaking guests.  This small ski school is located at Hakuba 白馬五竜 and offer both private and group lessons.  Both ski and snowboard lessons are available with Hakuba Snow Dragon.

レッスン - Group Lessons & Private Lessons

言語 - Chinese

place 白馬五竜


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