Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort

Sitting at the North end of the Hakuba Valley, Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort is known for getting lots of snow and epic tree runs. With steeper terrain (up to 42°) and a relaxed off-piste policy, Cortina is a must ski resort for anyone looking to take advantage of Hakuba’s Japow.

Be forewarned that Cortina is a big draw on a powder day and you must be prepared to get there early to catch first tracks. Order your taxi the night before to make sure you can get there on time.
Cortina’s bottom lift usually opens at 8:00 and access to the upper terrain opens at 8:30 (there is usually a line for the upper lift)

Ski & Snowboard Terrain

The Cortina resort is a single bowl and the ski area is relatively small. The beauty with this terrain though is the steepness and freedom to ride anything and everything. This makes Cortina a powder hunters dream. The tree runs here have been thinned and are next to none in Hakuba and historically gets the most snow in the valley. If you are an advanced skier or rider you will not regret spending a powder day at this resort. Due to the steepness, on a non-powder day, Cortina is usually heavily moguled. Great for skiers and boarders who enjoy moguls, but be forewarned this can be a doozy of a leg workout.

Cortina used to be the hidden gem of Hakuba, but the word is out on this resort. Be prepared to fight for fresh tracks both in and out of the resort.

For intermediate skiers and boarders, we don’t recommend Cortina. The intermediate terrain is limited and the harder runs don’t lend themselves well to anyone looking to learn. Cortina is however linked to Hakuba Norikura Ski resort , and your lift ticket can be used at both. Norikura is much better for intermediate skiers/boarders and can be used in a pinch if you are trying to accommodate multiple ability levels. Norikura Onsen is also the ski out for anyone looking to try backcountry skiing from Cortina. If you do go off-piste, be sure to be safe, take a beacon a shovel, and a competent skiing partner who can dig you out in an emergency.

In contrast, there is some great beginner terrain at the bottom of Cortina with a large long flat run that is good for learning. They also have a great play area for kids.


Lounge “Lyrical” (1st floor)
Cafe and Coffee Shop
Operating Hour : 8:00 ~ 17:00

Restaurant “Alps” (2nd Floor)
Lunch Buffet Restaurant
Operating Hour: 7:00 ~ 9:00, 18:00 ~ 21:00

Restaurant “Azumino” (Basement)
Buffet Restaurant 
Operating Hour: 7:00 – 9:00, 18:00 – 21:00

Other Facilities

A day at Cortina is not complete without a trip to the Green Plaza Onsen. With 11 different hot tubs and an onsen waterfall, there is no better way to finish off a long day on the slopes than relaxing in these soothing waters. To take an onsen simply head to the hotel front desk. No towels, no problem, simply rent from the front desk.

**pro traveler tip: Don’t miss out on an onsen, make yourself an onsen basket (towel, body soap & shampoo) and keep it in the car with you.

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Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort Trail Map

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