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About Tsugaike Kogen Summer

Spend a beautiful summer day at Tsugaike Kogen experiencing an outdoor adventure at Tsugaike Wow or taking a leisurely stroll around the floating walkway in the Tsugaike National Nature Park.  In the early spring/summer as the snow melts off of Hakuba’s mountain peaks, the Tsugaike ropeway is opened allowing access to the alpine above the resort.  The National park is a beautiful area with a plethora of fauna and flora that will delight any nature observer and it is also the kick-off point for anyone looking to hike Hakuba’s peaks.  Read more about hikng in Hakuba.




Tsugaike Kogen Summer Activities

Tsugaike Wow

Built for the young at heart, Tsugaike Wow is a ropes course on steroids. Walk a tightrope 10m above the ground or climb your way through the three-story cargo net maze in this family-friendly adventure course.  New this summer Tsugaike Wow is adding a dinosaur land; travel back in time 66 million years and see the dinosaurs that used to roam in the Japanese Alps.


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Tsugaike National Nature Park

Floating Walkway & Guided Tours

The Tsugaike National park at an elevation of 1,900m, is a treasure trove of nature.  Follow the 5.5 Km wooden walkway built above the highland marsh with Hakuba’s peaks towering above you.  The full route can take up to 3-4 hours but there are a variety of shorter loops available (1hr).  If you decide to take on the full walk, the southernmost point has a beautiful lookout deck, and on a clear day, you can see Hakuba’s 3 famous mountain peaks (Mt. Shirouma, Mt. Shakushi, and Mt. Yarigatake).  Take a page from Japanese hikers and bring along a thermos of green tea to enjoy, as you sit and admire the view.  During the summer there are free guided nature tours called “MIKKETA!” available.

Tsugaike Kogen Summer - Floating Walkway

  • Ropeway: (Adult 3,700 Yen, Child 2,100 Yen)
  • Park Entry Fee: (Adult 320 Yen, Child 260 Yen)

Visitor Center

The “Visitor Center” at the entrance to the Nature Park is an indoor facility.  The indoor climbing wall and slackline are a great way to spend a rainy day, and the educational activities help to teach guests more about the park and surrounding area.

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The Tsugaike Kogen ropeway gives some of the best access to hiking Hakuba’s Peaks. There are day hikes from the top of Tsugaike to Tengu no Hara and Hakuba Ike, but be prepared for the elevation gain as the route up can be quite steep and a good workout for your lungs.  Tsugaike is also a great kicking-off point for multi-day hikes as it gives you access to the Hakuba ridge-line where you can hike to Mt. Shirouma or further.  If you do decide to head up for a hike please check the weather before you go, fill out a safety form, and have the proper gear.  Read our article about hiking in Hakuba.



Tsugaike Kogen Summer Restaurants

Top of Ropeway

There are 2 large mountain huts that open during the summer at the top of the Tsugaike ropeway.  Lunch is your standard Japanese fair with curry bowls, pork-cutlet, and soba and the prices are reasonable for on-mountain food. The soft-serve ice cream here is definitely one of our favorites.  The huts also have overnight plans (incl. food) for anyone looking to spend a night in the mountains under the stars or trying to get an early start on the mountain. Find out more about spending the night at one of Tsugaike’s mountain huts.

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Tsugaike Kogen Summer Accommodation

The town around the base of Tsugaike is relatively small, but there are a large number of accommodations available.  Most guests choose to stay in Hakuba instead of Tsugaike where there are more dining and entertainment options available.

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Tsugaike Kogen Summer Trail Map

Tsugaike Resort

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