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The Sugar Society and Butter Bar Hakuba are proud to team up to support Darren Emerson on his fifth visit to Hakuba! Responsible for the notorious “Born Slippy”, Darren has shown himself capable of going far beyond a formulaic repeat of commercial successes, with each years sets tailored to the audience of the night. Whether it takes archival tracks from the seminal Dubnobasswithmyheadman for the nodding technorati or heading on a more Ibiza-esque route to fill the dancefloor with smiles, Darren has proven time and again that his reputation in both the over and underground is well deserved.

Butter Bar’s Bahstid kicks the night off with some cerebral and spacey techno in his third slot in support of Darren, followed up by the ambitious tech-tag-team of VantaBlack getting your hips swaying and your feet tapping in anticipation of the main act.

Its another classic Hakuba night in the making, don’t miss out!

09:00 ~ 10:00 – Bahstid [Butter Bar]
10:00 ~ 11:00 – VantaBlack [The Sugar Society/Daruma]
11:00 ~ 02:00 – Darren Emerson [Detone]

Butter Bar

Door: 2,000
Shuttle Bus – Free

シャトルバス詳細 ↓↓↓↓↓

Darren began his career mixing hip hop in his mid-teens and by 16 he was regularly gigging at local venues. It was in 1990, as fate would have it, he was introduced to Rick Smith and Karl Hyde and together they would go on to become one of the most successful Techno groups in dance music history – Underworld. Parting ways with the band in 2000, Darren found instant success as a solo DJ playing around the world with dance super brand Global Underground, resulting in three globally-successful CD mix albums; each one a little piece of dance floor history.

As well as being a successful DJ and producer, Darren is also a highly regarded record label owner, promoter and proud father. His first label, Underwater was founded in 1994 and became seminal. Since then, his new label Detone has become a strong force within the House and Techno worlds. He’s also begun further production work as The White Lamp (with Pete Josef) and as one tripod leg of 3D (with Danny Howells and Dave Seaman). *Full bio below.

テクノ界の革新者であり、Underworld の創始者であるダレン・エマーソンは、キャリア30年に及ぶ現在もエレクトロニカ、テクノ、そしてハウスミュージック・シーンの最前線に君臨している。レーベル Underwater と Detone の主賓を務めるダレンは、精力的な制作活動 / DJ パフォーマンスを続け、常に新しい物や興味が深い対象への探究心を持ち続けている。

ダンスミュージック界で最も影響力があるクリエイターとして、Sasha、Depeche Mode、ビョークやケミカル・ブラザーズとのコラボ、Underworld でのグラストンベリー・フェスティバルへの出演、不滅のクラシック”Born Slippy”を世に送り出した功績は言うまでも無い。そして自身のレーベル Underwaterからのリリース作品は常に UK チャートを賑わせている。

“Dubnobasswithmyheadman”リリースから20年後の2014年、ダレンは最新プロジェクト”The White Lamp”と”Huffa”でシーンに返り咲き、Hotflush、Sonar Kollektive、そして Futureboogie から高い評価を得ており、才能あるミュージシャンやボーカリストとのコラボが注目されている。最近では“Feel > It” (Bedrock) と “Vamos” (Octopus)を発表したばかりで、Detone からリリース予定の作品のために再びスタジオに戻り、彼お気に入りのプロデューサー / ミュージシャンとのコラボ制作を精力的に行っていく予定である。

———–シャトルバス・SHUTTLE BUS———–

English follows…..

09:00 PM – 白馬駅
09:10 PM – リズム白馬
09:15 PM – 八方バスターミナル
09:20 PM – 白馬ベースキャンプ(エコーランド)

10:00 PM – 白馬駅
10:10 PM – リズム白馬
10:15 PM – 八方バスターミナル
10:20 PM – 白馬ベースキャンプ(エコーランド)

01:00 AM – コンクリート発

02:00 AM – コンクリート発

————–SHUTTLE BUS————–

09:00 PM – Hakuba Train Station
09:10 PM – Rhythm Hakuba (Wadano)
09:15 PM – Happo Bus Terminal
09:20 PM – Hakuba Base Camp (Echoland)

10:00 PM – Hakuba Train Station
10:10 PM – Rhythm Hakuba (Wadano)
10:15 PM – Happo Bus Terminal
10:20 PM – Hakuba Base Camp (Echoland)


01:00 AM – Leaving Concrete
Hakuba Base Camp (Echoland)
Happo Bus Terminal
Rhythm Hakuba (Wadano)
Hakuba Train Station

02:00 AM – Leaving Concrete
Hakuba Base Camp (Echoland)
Happo Bus Terminal
Rhythm Hakuba (Wadano)
Hakuba Train Station

Darren Emerson Full Bio:
There are DJs we are introduced to via friends, ones we stumble upon ourselves and ones who are so talented, so ahead of the game, it’s almost impossible to miss them. Darren Emerson is all of those and so much more. Spending any length of time with him, you quickly realise just how focused he is. A self-confessed trainspotter, he’ll lament the time he first heard ‘Strings of Life’ as vividly as how he made his own last tune. A true pioneer, he’s as in love with the music now as much as he ever was.

In the beginning, a curious Essex lad who loved music started out as a Hip Hop DJ playing in local clubs by the age of 16, but soon a new musical mistress seduced him completely: Acid House. Very quickly he became fully immersed in this new scene and rose through the ranks to be considered one of the top DJs in London spinning a tough, raw Techno House hybrid sound. He became part of the Boys Own collective in the early 90s, fatefully filling in for Andrew Weatherall at a party in Bangor where he introduced Housemartin band member, Norman Cook to House music for the first time.

As his tastes changed, Emerson’s musical direction matured away from the song-based New York Garage and Chicago House towards the dubbier, bass-driven British sound of Progressive House releasing his first production (with Rick Smith) under their Lemon Interupt alias on Junior Boys Own. Darren had met Rick through his brother in law in 1990. A seasoned studio engineer himself, Rick and Darren bounded over music with Rick offering insight into studiocraft, while the younger scenester would open the lid on the burgeoning world of dance music.

The pair were joined shortly after by singer Karl Hyde and they became Underworld. In 1993, Underworld released their breakthrough album ‘dubnobasswithmyheadman’ proclaimed by Muzik Magazine’s Ben Turner as the most important album since The Stone Roses debut and the best album since Primal Scream’s ‘Screamadelica’. Follow up albums ‘Second Toughest in the Infants’ (1996) and ‘Beaucoup Fish’ (1999) where met with critical acclaim further cementing the bands place in dance music history.

Leaving the band in 2000 allowed Darren to explore his DJ roots on a global scale. Already
regarded as an in-demand remixer, he worked with The Chemical Brothers, Bjork and more. Keen to push the boundaries of his career through reinvention, he teamed up with good friend, Sasha for the Ibiza anthem, Scorchio; a departure from his recent sound, which was a massive hit for both artists. During this busy creative period, Darren set up Underwater, his first label and began a fruitful relationship with UK superbrand Global Underground culminating in three genre-defying mixes for the ‘City Series’ compilations: Uruguay (2000), Singapore (2001) and Bogota (2009).

Alongside this, the seminal Underwater picked up many plaudits from the dance music press as well as an Ibiza residency at the world-renowned Pacha Nightclub, winning ‘House Event
of the Summer’ and ‘Label of the Year’ in 2003. Following the success of Underwater, Darren set up a new imprint in 2012 – Detone – looking to nurture new talent in the ever changing landscape of the music business. Ever-popular, Darren is one of the few artists Carl Cox naturally adds to his massive Intec parties. Then there’s his work as The White Lamp, an alternative dance act and 3D with Dave Seaman and Danny Howells, reigniting his passions for quality House and Techno. Fair to say after 30 years at the top of his profession, Darren Emerson shows no signs of slowing down!

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