Top 5 Places to Exercise in Hakuba

Best Hakuba Gym – Where to Workout in Hakuba

Hakuba’s mountains are calling, but is your body ready to answer?

Staying fit and healthy is critical to taking advantage of Hakuba’s mountains. Finding a Hakuba gym could make all the difference. Whether you’re here for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or exploring the diverse range of activities in Hakuba Valley, such as climbing, running, and biking, your body needs to be in top condition to fully enjoy and take on the challenges of these outdoor activities.

Finding the best gym in Hakuba is crucial for any fitness enthusiast.

In this guide, we’ll find the best Hakuba gym and help you choose the perfect one for your fitness needs.

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Best Hakuba Gym

Below is a list of the top gyms in Hakuba, each offering unique amenities and services to cater to different fitness needs. Working out in Hakuba can be a fun experience, with enjoyable aspects that make fitness exciting.

  1. Hakuba Physio
  2. Hakuba Field Sports Gym
  3. Hakuba Mountain Cross
  4. Hakuba Alps Gym
  5. Wing 21 Gym

1 – Hakuba Physio

Hakuba Gym - Hakuba Physio

Hakuba Physio is a 24-hour gym with an extensive array of free weights, kettlebells, a squat rack, a power rack, a full range of dumbbells, and cable weight machines. They have several treadmills, a stationary bike, an elliptical, a rowing machine, and other cardio machines for cardio.

Cost Information

  • Annual Membership: From ¥6,600/month
  • Summer Membership (Apr 1 – Nov30): ¥55,000
  • Winter Membership (Dec 1 – Mar 31): ¥33,000
  • One-Time Visit: ¥3,300

Fitness Gym Access

  • 24-hour access from April to December

2 – Hakuba Field Sports Gym

Hakuba Gym - Hakuba Field Sports Gym

Hakuba Field Sports Gym is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes. The Field Sports Gym has a wide range of cardio and weight machines. It is located across from the Hakuba Highland Hotel. They have a complete rack of dumbells and a squat rack.


  • Registration Fee: 1 Month Fee
  • Winter Membership (Dec 1 – Mar 31): ¥9,480/month
  • Full Membership (no restrictions): ¥7,500/month
  • Daytime (10:00 – 18:00): ¥6,500
  • Nighttime (17:00 – 22:00): ¥6,500
  • Ontime Visit: ¥3,500

Onsen Acces

  • Gym members can access the Hakuba Highland Onsen for a discounted price of ¥400

3 – Hakuba Mountaincross

Hakuba Gym - Hakuba Mountaincross

Hakuba Mountain Cross offers various fitness programs for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are a multi-sport athlete, focused on a specific sport, aiming to lose weight and get in shape, or passionate about CrossFit or Yoga, Hakuba Mountaincross offers gym training to enhance your athletic performance. The intensity of the exercises ensures you break a sweat, highlighting the physical exertion and effort involved.

They recognize the unique demands of different sports; a rock climber and a downhill ski racer have distinct needs. They tailor training and programs to match your needs.


  • Mountaincross Class: 60-minute group class mix HIIT, Weight Lifting, and Cardio Training in the gym and out in the open air.
  • Personal Training: customized programming personal training sessions.
  • Outdoor Bootcamp: Outdoor bootcamp style and strength training sessions.
  • Hulk: all about lifting weights. Resistance training is ideal for toning the body, creating better definition, or bulking up.
  • Mobility & Yoga: The instructor will lead you through yoga poses and mobility movements while incorporating myofascial releases to condition the whole body.


  • 1 Class drop-in: ¥2,500
  • 3 Class card (valid for 7 days): ¥7,000
  • Personal Training/Mobility:  ¥4,000 yen/ 30 minutes  ¥6,000 yen/ 45 minutes

4 – Hakuba Alps Gym

Hakuba Gym - Hakuba Alps Gym

Hakuba Alps gym is like walking back. You expect to find Arnold pumping iron as you walk in the door. Despite the age of the equipment, it is functional.

The free weight area features a bench press, squat rack, deadlift rack, and a range of dumbbells from 1kg to 30kg. Additionally, we offer 2 Hammer Strength machines (incline press and low row) and 7 universal machines. The cardio section includes 3 Stairmasters, 3 treadmills, and 6 exercise bikes.

Alps Gym also has a studio that offers various classes from body pump to Sh’bam and is a certified Les Mills provider. The classes are suitable for both adults and kids.


  • Registration Fee: ¥5,500
  • Gym + Studio: ¥6,600/month
  • Gym: ¥5,500/month
  • One Time Visit: ¥2,000

5 – Wing 21 Gym

Hakuba Gym - Wing 21 Gym

Located on the main floor of Wing 21, the Gym offers a variety of training equipment, including an incline press, a leg press, a leg extension machine, a leg curl machine, and a cable machine. There is also a Smith machine, plates, and dumbells.

It’s a small but functional gym.


Per Visit: ¥200


Hakuba has a variety of fitness options. If you’re here for the winter or live here full-time, staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential. From the all-inclusive gym experience at Hakuba Sports Gym to the specialized training offered at Hakuba Fitness Studio, there’s something for everyone. So don’t let the snow stop you from reaching your fitness goals while in Hakuba!


How do you get in shape for skiing?

Getting in shape for skiing requires a combination of cardio and strength training. It is important to build endurance, as skiing can be physically demanding, especially if you plan to spend full days on the slopes. Incorporating exercises such as running, cycling, or using the stairmaster can help improve your cardiovascular fitness. In addition, focusing on building strength in your legs and core through exercises like squats, lunges, and planks can help improve your stability and control while skiing.

Is there a gym in Hakuba?

Yes, there are several gyms in Hakuba. Some popular options include the Hakuba Sports Gym, Hakuba Fitness Studio, and Alps Gym. These gyms offer a variety of equipment and facilities for visitors and residents alike.

How much does it cost to use a gym in Hakuba?

Prices can vary depending on the gym and the type of membership or visit pass you choose. Prices Range from 200 Yen per visit and up.

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