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2023 Hakuba Ski Swap

Great gear at great prices.

Have you sorted out your equipment for the season yet? Or do you have extra gear lying around that you’d like to convert into cash? The 3rd annual Hakuba Ski Swap will be held the weekend of December 2nd and 3rd at Iwatake White Plaza. There will be bargains galore and everyone is welcome.


November 6th, 2023 | by Mike Humphrey


Okay, I’m interested, but how does this work?

The Hakuba Ski Swap is a giant used gear sale where you can buy new-to-you winter sports gear and clothing, a DIY ski show/expo. It’s an excellent opportunity to buy and sell used gear or get your hands on some surplus new products that dealers want to move to make way for new inventory. And it’s cheaper than renting gear for the season! Organizers are promising over 700 new and used items, including skis, snowboards, boots, and all sorts of winter clothing.


2023 Hakuba Ski Swap


How do I sell my stuff?

Registration is a snap. If you want to sell 10 items or less, show up on Friday (December 1st) between 8AM and 5PM;

  1. register yourself as a vendor.
  2. Tag your items with your desired price.
  3. Place them on the shelf for sale.

There’s no need to stick around unless you’re interested in snagging a deal of your own. Just return on Monday morning and have your receipt to collect your cash and unsold items. You pay no fee, but there is a small 15% commission on sales.

If you’re selling 11 items or more, shoot us an email to register (see details below).

How can I make sure my stuff will be bought?

Double-check that the gear you’re selling looks pristine and is in the best possible condition that it can be. Clean it up, remove old stickers, fix any issues, empty pockets, and wash clothing if necessary. You’re sure to leave with yen in hand if your gear is looking great and is reasonably priced.

So grab a deal and score some cold, hard yenjamins at Hakuba’s Ski and Snowboard Swap. You’ll be saving the world and making history, you legend you!

Hakuba Ski Swap Event Details:

Location: Iwatake White Plaza

Gear Drop Off Date: Friday, Dec 1st, 8AM-5PM

Ski and Board Swap: Saturday and Sunday, December 2nd & 3rd, 8AM-5PM

Cash and Unsold Gear Pick-Up: Monday, December 4th, 8AM-6PM

Questions: info@eventshakuba.com

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