Thrill Seekers Weekdn in Hakuba - Paragliding

Summer Weekend Itinerary – Hakuba for Thrill Seekers

Calling all adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers, we at Events Hakuba have the perfect 3-day weekend itinerary for you. See some of the greatest views, hike the amazing peaks, and swim in the crystal clear rivers of the Hakuba Valley in this weekend itinerary.



August 11th, 2020 | by Jared Kubokawa


Day 1 – High Flying and Thrill Splashing

Morning: Paragliding over Goryu

Goryu Paragliding

Thrill Seekers Weekend in Hakuba – Paragliding


Events Hakuba Summer Weekend Itinerary - Hakuba for Thrill Seekers 1


Get a good night’s sleep and get pumped to head out early to see the morning sunshine over the entire valley while having the ride of your life. As you probably already know paragliding is the adventure sport of foot-launching a free-flying lightweight glider (similar to a parachute but more maneuverable) from a high peak and gently gliding down into the valley with only the wind to carry you. Thrill seekers will love the incredible feeling, and the views are amazing. This is probably the closest you will ever get to flying. It’s possible to paraglide from the top of a number of the ski resorts in the Hakuba Valley but we recommend the Hakuba Paratopia Goryu Paraglider school at Goryu’s Escal Plaza for safety, experience, and price. For the first jump, you will be attached to an instructor who will guide you through the entire process. You can even sign up for the certification course and be able to fly yourself down into the beautiful valley below anytime you want.


Afternoon: Canyoning the Kamoshika

Hakuba Canyoning

Hakuba Canyoning – photo courtesy of Evergreen Outdoor Center

 Grab a coffee and a snack at Sounds Like Cafe in Echoland and hop on over to Evergreen Outdoor Center’s base at Happo One ski resort to get set up for some excitement. Canyoning is a must-do in the Hakuba valley. First, you get kitted up in a wetsuit and then you head out to one of the many canyons around the valley. From there the adventure begins as you slide down white water chutes and waterfalls. You can also swim, abseil and jump into deep mountain pools that have been carved into the rock by millennia of fast-flowing clear mountain water. We recommend doing the half-day tour with Evergreen Green Outdoor Center. You might even see some Japanese mountain goats or kamoshika in the Kamoshika canyon just like we did!  Time to grab some dinner and a hot spring bath at your hotel or a local ryokan.


Day 2 – Head to The Top of The World

All Day: Hiking Mount Hakuba and Hakuba Mountain Hutt – 6.5 hour hike, stay overnight

Hakuba San So

Hakuba for Thrill Seekers – Hakuba Mountain Hutt

We hope you got a good night’s sleep because you have a great day ahead of you. Eat a big breakfast, grab your backpack, and some good hiking shoes because you will be climbing the highest peak in the Hakuba valley, Mount Hakuba (aka Shirouma). Make sure you book a room at the historical Hakuba Sanso hotel before you head out. This restaurant and hotel is in an incredible location just 100m below the peak of Mount Hakuba at almost 3000m. This is one of the highest peaks in the Northern Japanese Alps. The six-hour hike up from Sarukura is not for the faint of heart and requires crampons but you will be rewarded with incredible views over the Hakuba valley. After a night in this historical lodge, be sure to set your alarm early enough to hike the peak to catch the sunrise coming up over the mountains. This is quite possibly the most instagrammable moment of the entire trip.

Day 3

Afternoon: Swimming in the Matsukawa – 1 -2 hours

Matsukawa River mountains in background

Thrill Seekers Weekend in Hakuba – Matsukawa River

After your overnight stay at the Mountian Hutt, on your way back down from Mount Hakuba you will have to stop off for a refreshing swim. If you aren’t familiar with the Matsukawa river, it is basically a rite of passage for seasonnaires to take a dip in its chilly snow-melt waters whether it’s summer or winter. This is the river that comes down off Happo’s north face and separates Happo One Winter ski resort from Iwatake Mountain Resort. In the summer, you can also get a good look at the horse’s head on the mountain that represents the meaning of Hakuba (白馬, literally White Horse). After a long hot day of enjoying everything the Hakuba Valley green season has to offer, take the polar plunge and enjoy the clean, refreshing waters of mother nature’s bounty.  This is so much fun and a great end to a hot summer day. 

We hope you had a fantastic weekend hiking, swimming, and literally flying over the Hakuba Valley. Check out some more of our itineraries and summer content here.


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