Top 5 Health Benefits of a Japanese Onsen

Japanese people rave about them and travelers find them nerve-wracking.   Getting naked in an onsen may not be for everyone, but did you know they are great for your health.  The top 5 health benefits of a Japanese bath and why you should be stripping down to get into an onsen.   July 8th, 2020 | by Mike Humphrey Hakuba is an outdoor playground with mountains, rivers, lakes, and more.  When you play hard, you need to take advantage of every...


Iwatake Day Hike

Found on the south side of the Iwatake ski resort this is a moderately difficult hike.  Families with enough stamina to hike for 2 - 3 hours up hill, will enjoy the shaded trails and beautiful views of the valley this hike has to offer.   June 30th, 2020 | by Mike Humphrey For anyone looking for an enjoyable, moderately difficult hike out of the direct sun, this is for you.  As one of the lower hikes in the valley hiking


Hakuba A Hikers Paradise

Widely known for powder skiing, most travelers do not think of Hakuba as a top hiking destination.  During the summer the peaks you see above the ski lifts are a mountain playground with trails, huts and natural onsen.  If you are looking to escape the summer heat and enjoy nature, skip the crowded beach and head to Hakuba for some amazing hiking.   May 30th, 2020 | by Mike Humphrey   Hiking and Mountaineering History in Hakuba Hiking...

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