Eat your way through Autumn – Local Japanese Food in Hakuba

During the summer months, Hakuba transforms itself from a ski town to a local farming community, with wide expanses of rice fields, berry farms, and small family-run vegetable gardens. As the farming season comes to a close, chestnuts, mushrooms, apples, and grapes are in abundance. The rice is standing tall and golden, ready for harvest.  The fall offers a cornucopia of seasonal delights. Now is the time to come and experience the local Japanese food in Hakuba.   October...

Autumn in Japan - Jigatake Fall Leaves

Hakuba Shows its True Colours: The Place for Autumn in Japan

Hakuba is the mountain resort that keeps on giving year-round. When Summer is spent and the heat has passed, Autumn arrives in Japan to set the mountains on fire. Whether you want to look down on the leaves from the mountaintops, gaze up at a canopy of red, or see the colors reflected in the water, Hakuba has it all.     September 30th, 2020 | by April Eve Day   When is Autumn in Japan [caption id=\"attachment_6021\" align=\"aligncenter\"...

Hakuba - Pre-Season Ski Workout

Ski Workout – Get Ready For The Japan Snow Season

Deep down everyone enjoys the feeling of freedom you get as you fly down the mountain. Overcoming that moment of doubt as you decide to point yourself down the hill in search of that next hit of adrenaline.  The wind rushes past, as your fear fades, and you experience the timeless pleasure of being outdoors in the mountains.  As winter approaches, now, is the time to start thinking about your ski...

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