Kashimayari Ski Resort – Summer

Kashimayari offers a wide variety of activities during the summer, including Summer Jib Park BBQ Facilities Sports Camps Dining Options

Hakuba Happo One Ski Resort

Happo One Ski Resort and Happo Village are the centre of the Hakuba Valley in Japan. Happo One (pronounced Happo “On Eh”) is the most popular of Hakuba’s ski resorts. Happo One offers a wide variety of terrain from beginner to advanced and easy access to back-country skiing from the grat quad lift. Like most resorts in the valley Happo One is a stand-alone resort. It boasts reasonable vertical (1071 meters) with some steeper pitches and hosted the slalom and downhill events...

Hakuba47 Resort – Summer

Geared towards families, summer at Hakuba 47 does not disappoint.  With a wide array of activities ranging from ropes courses, mazes and even mountain biking Hakuba 47 is a great spot for anyone looking to entertain themselves and their kids in the mountains.  Activities are available at both the base and the top of the gondola and also include a dog run and summer sledding.  Be sure to stop by Hakuba 47 when you are in town this summer to experience all of the fun.

Hakuba47 Ski Resort

Hakuba 47 Ski Resort has a great variety of terrain for intermediate and advanced riders, but the beginner terrain is a little limited as it is located at the top of the gondola and the way back to the base is either a cat track or a steep red run. If you are looking for an alternative to Cortina for tree riding Hakuba 47 has you covered, however, don’t forget to sign your waivers and get your bib to enter these areas (it is free of charge), and make sure you listen to the...

Hakuba Sanosaka Ski Resort

Hakuba Sanosaka Ski Resort is a great quiet resort with incredible views looking down to Lake Aoki (one of Japans cleanest Lakes). It is located at the South end of the Hakuba Valley and tends to be a bit quieter than a lot of the other major resorts, so if you are looking for a great spot to hang out with the family without any crowds and terrain for all ability levels then this should be your go-to place!

Hakuba Iwatake Ski Resort

Of all the resorts in the Hakuba Valley, Hakuba Iwatake Ski Resort has the best panoramic views. Backside and front side skiing offer spectacular views of the valley, alps and Happo One. Hakuba Iwatake is generally an intermediate level hill. It has the lowest top elevation in the valley (1,289m) and is the first to be impacted by warm weather. For those willing to search for interesting runs Iwatake does offer some of the most varied terrain of all the resorts in the valley. ...

Hakuba Iimori Ski Resort

Iimori Ski Resort is a small ski resort with a great variety of terrain. With great intermediate to advanced terrain from the Cosmo Four lift and great beginner terrain from the Iimori 6th chair lift and a terrain park off the Milky Four chair lift, Iimori has terrain for the whole family. Iimori might only be a small resort but is located between Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort and

Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort

Sitting at the North end of the Hakuba Valley, Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort is known for getting lots of snow and epic tree runs. With steeper terrain (up to 42°) and a relaxed off-piste policy, Cortina is a must ski resort for anyone looking to take advantage of Hakuba’s Japow. Be forewarned that Cortina is a big draw on a powder day and you must be prepared to get there early to catch first tracks. Order your taxi the night before to make sure you can get there on...

Kashimayari Ski Resort

Kashimayari Ski Resort is located on the very south end of the Hakuba Valley and was part of the interconnected Sun Alpina 3 resort area. It is a medium sized resort and tends to be one of the least crowded in the valley. There is a wide range of runs available and does have access to some nice tree runs from the top lift and also has a terrain park.

Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort

Tsugaike Kogen is located towards the north end of the Hakuba Valley. It is often called the perfect beginner hill, but it also has some amazing side-country for those looking to shred some Japow. The resort has the widest mellowest beginner runs at the base making it a great place for those looking to learn. Evergreen International Ski School does offer ski lessons in English at Tsugaike with an office at the base of the gondola. There is a wide range of intermediate runs past the...

Tsugaike Kogen – Summer

Tsugaike Kogen is located towards the North end of the Hakuba Valley and is one of the main kicking off points to Hakuba’s peaks.  During the summer the Tsugaike rope-way from the top of the resort gives access to the national park.  Here there are a number of walk ways and routes through the highland as well as a small climbing wall and information center.  If you are looking to head up higher to Mt. Norikura and beyond there are access check points from the information center at...

Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort – Summer

Hakuba Goryu Resort is holds a variety of events and activities during the summer, including a night Gondola tour and star gazing clinics.  With a large garden area and Goryu boasts a beautiful taste of mountain flowers and activities for kids.

Hakuba Happo One Ski Resort – Summer

Happo One is one of the valley’s access points to Hakuba’s peaks.  From the top of the Grat quad lift you can hike to Happo Ike as well as Mt. Karamatsu, these hikes are relatively easy and offer an enjoyable day for travelers.  If hiking is not you thing, Kita One Kogen at the top of the Kita One quad offers beautiful views of Hakuba, a foot onsen as well as a small coffee shop/restaurant.  There are also several short, relatively flat hiking trails on the north side of Kita...

Norikura Onsen Ski Resort

Norikura Onsen Ski Resort is located 10km North of Happo One Ski Resort and is away from the hustle and bustle of central Hakuba. Norikura Ski Resort feels relatively quiet and has a Japanese charm and is great for riders of all abilities. Norikura is interconnected with Cortina Ski Resort and lift tickets can be purchased that allow access to both areas. Norikura is the...

Jiigatake Ski Resort

Jiigatake Ski Resort is the most southern of the ski resorts in the Hakuba Valley, although it isn’t actually in Hakuba. This resort was the latest addition to the Hakuba Valley ski pass and is around 30-40 minutes by bus from Hakuba. The resort only offers beginner to intermediate slopes but is a perfect resort if you are wanting to brush up on your skills as the slopes won’t be too busy (unless it is the weekend).

Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort

Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort is a great resort with a wide variety of terrain. With a great beginner area at the bottom of the resort and intermediate and advanced runs at the top, there is terrain available for all ability levels. Hakuba Goryu Ski resort has one of the highest vertical drops in Japan of about 1,000 metres and one of the longest and steepest mogul runs. The top of Hakuba Goryu Ski resort links directly to

Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort – Summer

Of all the resorts in the Hakuba Valley, Iwatake Mountain Resort has the best panoramic views.  With sitting areas on the front-side and Mountain Harbour on the back-side, Iwatake is a highly recommended stop while you are in Hakuba. For the 2020 season Hakubounce has set up a satellite location at the base of Iwatake and the EX Adventure ropes course is located across the parking lot from the gondola.

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